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We manufacture watches for both men and women who love wearing accessories.


Find the best collection of handcrafted wrist watches.

We are one of the leading watch manufacturers with a team of professional mechanical engineers. We have a big stock of equipment, and our engineers know the way of using technology.

We love innovating something new to provide our customers with the best quality products. We ensure the highest grade while releasing new watches for customers. Our production and manufacturing processes with a modern infrastructural facility are the keys to our success. Our unique looking timepieces will sure continue attracting the attention of both young and future generations.

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We design watches of distinctive fashion

The watches, manufactured by us, always boast contemporary styling and complicated mechanics. While you love reflecting royalty in your watches, you can choose our products. With unique and classic model, our watches are available for you in a signature style.

Smart watches

We can transform your life with our smart watches that track your steps, burned calories, amount of water consumed and other details.


Water-resistant watches

Water cannot damage our watches. For your everyday use, we have designed these watches with stainless steel that matches your outfit.


Minimalistic watches

Men do not always prefer flashy design of watches with their formal attire. Our minimalistic watches are the right choice for them.


Custom watches

Modern customers always love customization. We customize the design for them and sell a unique product.



Our after-sales service has made us different from our competitors

We are dedicated to provide servicing for watches sold by our team. Accredited dealers who have bought our watchers can communicate with us. We will inspect every part of the product and send a comprehensive report to them.

Established a local business by manufacturing ordinary watches
Made our team bigger and opened outlets throughout the country
Started international outlets
Received appreciation of users and increased our production
Gain a recognition of our brand

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Read more about our products and services. We update our blog section to educate our customers. Our readable blogs have informative content that can easy add interest to the readers.

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We maintain quality since the day we have started our watch manufacturing process

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