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Feeltact meets needs of voluntary alerts
critical incidents reporting
and discreet group communication.

Feeltact, the global solution thought
by and for professionals
Feeltact wristband allows you to both send and receive essential or critical messages

Send simple messages by pushing buttons.
Receive messages via vibrations around the wrist.
Feeltact wristband is shock proof, water resistant and nonetheless discreet, while integrating last generation technologies.

Every user group intuitively creates its own enriched tactile messages (a circle of vibrations, two strong pulsations, ...) to communicate easily.

Feeltact software is customizable to fit your safety needs

Simply customize your own communications with Feeltact mobile application.
Supervise, analyze and monitor your communications in real time with Feeltact supervision interface.
Our secured communication servers manage the exchanges of messages.

Feeltact is a patented technology ensuring an efficient and discreet communication for professionals' safety.
Feeltact benefits
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