Feeltact For expatriates
A permanent link for an increased safety
Senior executive - Expatriate

During my last business trip in a sensitive territory, Feeltact allowed me to inform in real time the Paris-based headquarters of my situation on site. This without having to take my smartphone out of my pocket, at sight of malicious people.

How does Feeltact revolutionize your activity?

In consideration of current events around the world, countries having low risks are extremely limited. There is a significant increase of areas that are highly recommended to avoid. In short, wherever you go, your security may be threatened.

Many companies of all sizes require their employees to travel and stay a certain amount of time abroad, including in risky zones.

Feeltact is THE solution to keep the link with your distanced employees wherever they are in the world.

With Feeltact, an employee can communicate with a local contact and/or his employer of any of its movement on site, in a passive safety approach. He can also alert them in case of critical emergency.

Feeltact then brings him comfort to inform or alert by simply pushing buttons on the wristband: discreet, quick and efficient.

If desired, the employee can also receive confirmation through vibration when each message is delivered.

The geolocation functionality of Feeltact allows your employee to give his location each time he presses a button. This information is received on the Feeltact mobile application, on a smartphone or a tablet, or on the Feeltact monitoring interface, available online on any computer.

To conclude, the employer and the employee are reassured by this constant connection, allowing fast intervention when required.

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