Feeltact For Hotels & Restaurants
Secure your employees and your clients discreetly. Coordinate team efficiently.

Feeltact wristband makes me feel safe, especially when I am alone on night shifts, because I can discreetly alert the security service when facing persons with inappropriate intentions.

Our security agents will act quickly, preventing any serious incident. Also, our brand image is preserved as incidents are discreetly managed.

How does Feeltact revolutionize your activity?

The number of high capacity luxurious hotels is growing, the safety of these facilities is a real challenge. While the luxury hotel industry is undergoing a revival, criminals target those high end establishments and their wealthy customers.

Security and premium service are key priorities. Safety measures must take place without attracting customers’ attention. Discretion is a must to ally security and comfort.

In this respect, Feeltact reassures and secures both clients and employees.

Indeed, any hotel staff equipped with FEELTACT can discreetly send an alert when any issue occurs in the hotel or on themselves. The staff concerned is even more reassured when receiving on their wristband a vibration notifying the arrival of reinforcements. Dedicated team members at the hotel receive directly on their FEELTACT wristband a specific vibration of the place of the incident. Thus informed, they can intervene quickly to avoid any overflow. The situation, managed efficiently, does not attract attention from clients, in respect of their comfort.

FEELTACT is also used to coordinate service between kitchen and waiters in the restaurant. When a waiter is required somewhere, it’s easy to send a message on his wristband. Different types of vibrations will mean different types of messages. Especially when it’s impossible to talk, listen or make visual signs to address waiters’ attention. Coordination between kitchen, restaurant manager and waiters is assured for a premium service and enhanced customer experience.

Finally, FEELTACT can be suggested to deaf clients to warn them in case of emergency, this everywhere in the establishment, in respect of the Safety Fire Regulations that hotels have to comply with.

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