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Our missions require us to intervene in circumstances or in places where we are not welcome. Thanks to Feeltact, we can coordinate us discreetly and quickly as part of an intervention.

How does Feeltact revolutionize your activity?

Numerous professionals work in environments where traditional communication systems are ineffective or even dangerous due to the lack of discretion or because their workplace is noisy and/or saturated.

Therefore, Feeltact has been designed for professional facing malicious persons, including construction workers on rehabilitation projects, facility management, social housing, logistics, and more. Feeltact is a discreet and handy alert system that informs through vibrations that the sent alert has been well-received. Moreover, the alert can be geolocated. For support team workers, Feeltact is the key component of a quick and discreet coordination with high reactivity.

Moreover, Feeltact is perfectly suitable in noisy and visually saturated environments to communicate any kind of messages beyond critical ones, especially in the industry.

Deaf community at work can use Feeltact.

Finally, Feeltact is an alternative way of communication for professionals willing to enhance their efficiency and productivity, beyond safety.

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