Feeltact For public services
A constant link in lone worker situation
Public space maintenance

In my work, I am most of the time alone and sometimes I end up doing my work in some tough neighborhoods. With FEELTACT, I can easily inform my boss if something is happening and he can have the information of where I am. I feel more comfortable and reassured.

How does Feeltact revolutionize your activity?

On duty, public services employees are facing inappropriate behavior, in unsafe environments - whether in indoor or outdoor workplaces, and even in people's homes they must visit.

They are thus often in lone worker situations, potentially at risk, strengthening their feeling of being insecure.

FEELTACT contributes to reassure and secure employees as a discreet and hands-on solution. The FEELTACT allows them immediate and effective communication adapted to their situation and their needs. Employees can effectively send up to four different messages of their choice, including alerts. Those messages can be transferred to different structures depending on whom it is necessary to alert.

FEELTACT not only sends your GPS position when pressing a button, but also contributes at dispelling any doubts with the call triggering feature for passive listening.

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