Feeltact For retail
An immediate reaction facing inappropriate behavior
Supermarket Cashier

In front of malicious clients, especially thieves, Feeltact is very useful to alert discreetly security guards for fast intervention.

How does Feeltact revolutionize your activity?

In small shops or supermarket, sellers represent a favorite target for offenders. They have specific amount of cash and sell objects or devices that can be sold on black market, such as cigarettes, jewelry, branded objects or alcohol. They can, hence, be victims of attacks against their goods or themselves, at their workplace as well as on the way work-home, or often home-bank.

Feeltact allows a high action reactivity when malicious acts are detected or anticipated, keeping people safe. Customers and employees well-being is preserved. The speed of the alert process, and incidentally of intervention that follows, can also prevent the mischief occurs.

Indeed, the shop owner or his employee that has to face a person with an inappropriate behavior, can discreetly ask help to his coworkers and/or transmit an alert to the security service in place (shop's own security service, security providers, police...). With Feeltact, up to four different types of alerts can be sent, that can be received by different recipients, depending on the type of intervention required.

Besides geolocation, the Feeltact solution offers optional features like the automatic call for passive listening, for the sole purpose of dispelling any doubt for the requested security service.

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