Feeltact For transportation
A permanent link and a better coordination
Anti-fraud control team Leader

With Feeltact, I remain in constant contact with my teammates, especially in case of eye contact loss in a crowded bus or tram.

We also have better coordination. I can indeed simply and rapidly convey clear instructions clear orders to the entire team, by example, "need back-up" or "out of the bus at the next station".

How does Feeltact revolutionize your activity?

Safety in transport is a major issue. Travelers and workers are too often witnesses, if they are not targets, of verbal or physical attacks. Transport operators are concerned about their clients and colleagues safety in order to travel and work in the best environment.

Feeltact contributes to secure field workforces, drivers or anti-fraud agents, while allowing them to be responsive for an optimal management of incidents. Users of those transport feel reassured and their comfort is maintained.

Indeed, in the context of an anti-fraud control team equipped with the wristband, Feeltact helps them to keep a permanent link, especially when agents cannot see each other’s anymore in a crowded tram or bus.

Feeltact allows users to ask reinforcement from either their colleagues and/or from emergency services by a simple push-button, it is at the same time fast and discreet. The alert can be at same time received on the team members’ wristbands and on the Feeltact supervision interface for emergency service.

In addition of the geolocation, the Feeltact solution offers different features, like emitting a call for passive listening, in order to dispel any doubt for the emergency service.

Finally, with Feeltact, it is possible to send several messages on different media : vibrations on Feeltact wristband, SMS, email, call. Users can communicate specific information or orders adapted to their work environment for a better coordination or time management (examples: out at the next station, need for payment terminal…).

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