Unitact - The connected bracelet for deaf people

Unitact is the world very first connected bracelet that gives a better life for the deaf people and hearing impaired persons, thanks to the sense of touch.

About this project

Unitact is the first vibrating bracelet that allows deaf people to use their sense of touch to simplify their life and to give them essential information.

With buttons and vibrators all around the wrist, you will wear a bracelet that helps you to communicate easily. Each vibration has its own rhythm and strength that make it unique. Pick one in our library full of different vibrating patterns, and link it with either a message or one of your favorite activities.

Use the vibrations for yourself or to communicate with one or many people simultaneously.

Keep Unitact all day long and use vibrations for dozens of different activities.

No more risks of missing your alarm, the bracelet stays with you during the night and wakes you up by vibrations at the right time.

When riding a bike or a horse, rock climbing, or playing any team sports, get important information from your team mates.

At home or at work, communicate essential messages with the persons around you.

You will never feel alone with Unitact, a vibration from your beloved ones to tell you they think about you.

Create a contact to sign is not always easy. A vibration to say “look at me”, nothing easier.

The Unitact bracelet adapts itself to the shape and size of your wrist.
Feel perfectly the different vibrations around your wrist thanks to its unique design. Also equipped with a notification LED, the bracelet will inform you of a received message and of its low battery level.

The Unitact bracelet and LED notification

Unitact – A so easy-to-use bracelet

1- Connect your bracelet to your smartphone through the Unitact mobile application and create your messages. Then, choose amongst dozens of different vibrations to personalize each message.

2- Invite your friends to your group and send one of your vibrating message by pushing one of the buttons on the bracelet.
Your messages are sent through Bluetooth to your smartphone, then they go through The Internet to the receiver (LTE or Wi-Fi).

3- You can use the Unitact bracelet to communicate with one or many people at the same time.

We want Unitact to be available for everyone.
The Bracelet and Mobile application will be available on iOS & Android.

Unitact has been invented to unify deaf people around the world.

To help hearing impaired persons and give them a better life.
Our goal is to make the sense of touch a strength.

We believe that it is possible to improve the independence and quality of life of the deaf community.

To do so, we enhance the communication between deaf people and between others by making the sense of touch an alternative to hearing.

Below is a video to show you how the bracelets work. The mobile application is still on development but it already works very well! By backing us, we will be able to release the best mobile application and make it even more easy to use:

To obtain your bracelet or to support us, please choose your reward.

Two colors are already available: Navy blue and raspberry red. Choose your color at the end of the Kickstarter campaign.

We hope many of you can support this project so that new features and colors will be available.

Our ambassadors are testing our first bracelets while we are setting up the production lines.

You will receive your bracelet and the mobile application in October 2016. You will be the first to receive an awesome product.

We need you, to make Unitact real for everyone

Unitact is a trademark of the Novitact company.

Thibaud Severini and Vanessa Caignault started collaborating on their innovative project in 2011 at the Compiegne’s University of Technology (UTC), before creating Novitact in 2013. Their goal: to develop technologies that make touch an alternative to sight and hearing.

With all the Novitact team, they developed the first solution to communicate by vibrations and launched Feeltact for professionals.

Soon after that, Thibaud meets Louise, born deaf, and he discovers how important touch is to deaf people. Since, the team is so passionate about deaf culture that Unitact brand is launched.

Recently, Sophie Vouzelaud, deaf and first runner-up in the Miss France pageant of 2007, discovered Unitact. She was so enthusiast about the project that she decided to become Ambassador of the brand. Since then, a dozen of Ambassadors joined the team.

We all have the same ambition: unify deaf people around the world thanks to their sense of touch.

Risks and challenges

Since its early beginning, the company Novitact is surrounded with the best specialists. Thanks to our investors, we industrialize and sell our first connected bracelet: Feeltact, dedicated to professionals.

Feeltact won the 2015 award of the best innovative product dedicated to professionals’ safety.

The Feeltact experience helps us to anticipate all the possible risks of production and optimize the launch of the Unitact bracelet. We work with French companies to guarantee both a better reactivity and the best quality of our products.

As always in new projects, we are facing new challenges, like customer relationship and insurance financed option for our bracelet.

We plan to add deaf people to our team to help us reach our goals.

We promise to keep you informed of our progress, during and after the campaign. Be sure that we will work hard to make an exceptional connected bracelet.

You will receive it in October and it will change your life!

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