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about us

We have a diverse portfolio that reveals the success in the watchmaking industry. From the trends of wearing jewelries, we have found inspiration of manufacturing watches. Our beautiful wristwatches have the best mechanical parts that will last long.

Our watches act as miniature machines. From the dial to the belt, we have found on every part to make our wristwatches more captivating. Our products will serve your purpose in every way.

To produce timeless design that combines innovation with function- It is the mission of our company. We have also a dream of introducing a variety of clocks and watches. Our aim is to retain the impression of our customers with premium-quality watches.

We have a vision of developing a unique business model that will increase our production rate and make our marketing more effective. Our team has also a target of impressing customers with optimum use of resources.

Find high-end watches from our inventory. We have developed the best shop having heritage-worthy timepieces. We have both digital and analog watches to serve customers of different types.

hand crafted


We are dedicated to provide servicing for watches sold by our team. Accredited dealers who have bought our watchers can communicate with us. We will inspect every part of the product and send a comprehensive report to them.

Established a local business by manufacturing ordinary watches
Made our team bigger and opened outlets throughout the country
Started international outlets
Received appreciation of users and increased our production
Gain a recognition of our brand

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